Step through the doors of perception and enter Betterverse™; where the present past is now, left is wrong and right is today, reimagined by tomorrow, yesterday.

For the past year, Betterverse™ technicians have been utilising round-the-sun development to rapidly deploy a new strategic system of simulated bluesky actuality where real-time VR-IRL™ validation will create a more cohesive Betropolis™ experience.

Situated within a crystalline edifice at the heart of Metropolis, fully patented immersive Augmented Actuality™ technology allows Betterverse™ to seamlessly conjugate Digital Foreverness™; to collectively link users together and unify the mainframe of their digital, spiritual selves for a truly truthful truth in a collective singularity of Non-Sense Application Awareness™.

With Betterverse™ VR-IRL™  technology, you will finally be your final form as you become a one in a vast sea of zeroes and a zero in a neverending ocean of ones.

You will be validated in Betterverse™, you will be enhanced in Betterverse™, you will be . . . Better™.